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Biolustré® is unlike any other hair system because of its award-winning polymer structure that binds to the keratin for beautiful results. Hair is smoother, softer, has less frizz, is more manageable, and takes less time to dry and style. With the Biolustré® smoothing system, you can say hello to the best hair of your life.
Have you tried everything to revive your hair? Are color-treating and heat styling making your hair unmanageable, frizzy and unhealthy? Do you have naturally curly, frizzy and wavy hair that you want tamed? The Biolustré® Keratin Smoothing System is designed to take your hair from damaged and dull to amazingly smooth, soft and sexy.
With over 20 years of experience and as co-owner of the Patrick Melville Salon & Spa in Rockefeller Center, NYC, Rick Wellman is one of the most prestigious and well-respected celebrity hair colorists in the industry.

Rick has worked with the late, great Paul Mitchell and styled hair in national campaigns for global brands and beaut brands. Rick’s professional knowledge and expert advice help women achieve a total salon experience with Biolustré® right at home.
Release Cleansing Shampoo
Gentle yet powerful cleanser with a built-in moisturizer removes excess oils and prior buildup from hair. Helps to prepare your hair for the keratin treatment.

Revamp Keratin Smoothing Treatment
Formaldehyde-free keratin treatment interlocks with Biolustré’s® patented polymer for beautiful, smooth hair that shines. No toxic fumes or harmful ingredients used.

Revive Repair Treatment
Helps revive damaged, over-processed hair to a more pure, natural, virgin state in just one application. Reduces the fear of future chemical processing.. Helps to prepare your hair for the keratin treatment.
Renew Daily Conditioning Sealant
A low PH conditioner that is specifically designed to moisturize and seal in the benefits of your newly repaired hair.

Restore Daily Maintenance Treatment Shampoo
More than just a shampoo, it contains the active ingredients of the Revive Treatment to guarantee hair has health, shine, volume and smoothness.elps to prepare your hair for the keratin treatment.

Will Biolustre® restore my hair?
Biolustré® is designed to soften and smooth already damaged, frizzy, unmanageable, chemically-processed or colored hair. Biolustré® will help restore your hair to a more natural, virgin state.

How often do I have to use Biolustre®?
When used as directed, the Biolustre® Keratin Smoothing System can deliver instant, incredible results that last for weeks. Using the Daily Maintenance Shampoo and Daily Maintenance Conditioner between applications will extend the life of your smoothing treatment.

What is included in the system?
The Biolustré® system includes the Release Cleansing Shampoo, the Revamp Keratin Treatment, the Revive Hair Treatment and the Renew Daily Conditioning Sealant.

Can I use Biolustre® on my child’s hair?
Biolustré® products are safe for all ages, male or female. Biolustré® smoothing system, you can say hello to the best hair of your life.